Purchasing LumiLor

Paint Shops and LumiLor Applicators
LumiLor is sold exclusively through our worldwide dealer network .
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LumiLor Dealers can provide you with full service sales and support for all of your LumiLor product needs including the following:
LumiLor Bundle - A single product you can buy which includes all four components of LumiLor: backplane, dielectric, LumiColor, and Conductive Top Coat. LumiLor Bundles are sold in 4oz and 8oz sizes and each size comes with an appropriate ratio of each component.
LumiLor Starter Kit - A single product consisting of a LumiLor Bundle and a LumiLor Starter Kit Accessory package which provides sample shapes and basic electronics to follow along with the LumiLor Training Video.
Individual Components - Each of the four LumiLor components is also availalbe individually to accommodate variances in application, design, or in case of spillage.

Start with a Starter Kit
Starting with a LumiLor Starter Kit is your best way to get started with LumiLor and insure you understand the basic application process needed to succeed with LumiLor.

OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers)
Click here to contact us about the possibilities of LumiLor for design, safety, branding or any other element of your product in the manufacturing process.
We can discuss your specific opportunity and work with you on creating a prototype to help bring the idea to life.