Getting Started: LumiLor Application

What skills or experience are needed to apply LumiLor?
LumiLor is applied using a HVLP (high volume, low pressure) spray gun. Basic painting skills such substrate preparation, masking, etc. are also required. If you have experience successfully applying coatings with a HVLP system you have the basic skills needed to apply LumiLor. LumiLor is a four layer coating system and includes processes and specifications which are unique to our patents.

LumiLor is Different LumiLor sprays similarly to other paints but remember that when applying LumiLor you are constructing an electrical system that must have certain properties in order to work. Meticulously following the instructions, instead of relying on what you see, will increase your chances of success with LumiLor.

LumiLor vs LumiLor Pro The application process is the basically same for both formulations. If there is a difference it is clearly identified on this support site. The physical properties of each formulation, especially after being applied, have slight but noticeable difference. Be sure to follow the Basic Training Video for the formulation you are using as it will identify the unique qualities of that formulation. Click here for a complete overview of LumiLor vs LumiLor Pro.

What equipment do I need to apply LumiLor?
Here is a list of required and recommended items needed to apply LumiLor. Items with an asterisk (*) are unique to LumiLor application and may not be standard equipment in a paint shop. Three to five hours is needed to apply all of the layers of LumiLor in standard conditions. LumiLor should be applied in an ambient temperature of at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit. REQUIRED items for applying LumiLor and LumiLor Pro
  • Multimeter
    • Must have the ability to read ohms, including mega-ohms, this. Amp reading may be useful but is not required.
  • Black light
    • Any size and shape of blacklight can be used - handheld flashlights (you will need someone to hold it for you), miners light/headlamp, wands/tubes, cannons, etc. Larger black lights illuminate more workable area. Portable black lights allow for flexibility in pointing the light where needed. ?
  • Stir sticks - glass or plastic (no metal or wood)
  • Well ventilated area
  • Compressor, airlines and fittings
  • Automotive grade HVLP gravity fed spray guns with 1.3mm nozzle
  • Paint Preparation System (PPS) with attachments - to allow spray gun to be stored upside down while not in use and will help to avoid clogging the nozzle with heavy particles
    • hard shell cup
    • disposable sleeves
    • screw top lid
    • fitting attachment (each brand of spray gun has different fittings, please check for proper fittings)
  • Automotive grade clear coat
  • Respirator
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Red Scotch Brite pads 320-400 grit
  • 97% isopropyl alcohol
  • Fine line tape 1/2"
  • Masking tape 3/4" and 1/4"
  • Masking paper 3"
  • Drill or Dremel with 3/32" bit
  • Infrared heat gun 500° - 650° Fahrenheit
  • Strainers: 120-140 micron
  • Mixing cups: 8oz or 32oz
  • Timer
  • Tack rags
  • Touch up brush pack - various sizes
RECOMMENDED items for applying LumiLor and LumiLor Pro
  • Spray suit
  • Paint stand and cart
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Mixing plate
  • 2 wash bottles (alcohol/thinner )
  • Heat lamps and stand
  • UV goggles (when using blacklight)

Disposable Cup System See video at the .bottom of this page for an overview of the recommended disposable cup system

LumiLor Starter Kits and Bundles

How to Succeed with LumiLor A LumiLor Starter Kit and LumiLor Training Videos are the best way to succeed with LumiLor. The Starter Kits contain not only the LumiLor materials but also blank shapes and all the electronics you need to follow along with the training videos.

A LumiLor Bundle contains all four components of the LumiLor system. LumiLor Bundles come in two sizes - a 4oz LumiLor Bundle and and 8oz LumiLor Bundle. A LumiLor Starter Kit is a LumiLor Bundle and a collection of blank sample shapes, electronics, and accessories needed to apply. Starter Kit accessories are identical for LumiLor and LumiLor Pro. LumiLor Starter Kits can be purchased from any of our LumiLor dealers
Basic Training Videos: LumiLor and LumiLor Pro
The Basic Training Video walks you through the entire process of applying LumiLor using the LumiLor Starter Kit. Click here for differences between LumiLor and LumiLor Pro

Important Following the LumiLor Basic Training Video step by step significantly increases your chance of success with LumiLor. Skipping this step or taking short cuts is not advised.

Search this Knowledge Base for more details and support on the entire LumiLor application process. LumiLor Basic Training Video

LumiLor vs LumiLor Pro The LumiLor and LumiLor Basic Training Videos are below. These videos are similar but there are unique differences. Make sure you follow the application process in the video that matches the formulation you are using.

LumiLor and LumiLor Pro Basic Training Videos Chapter Time Markers
Approximate chapter markers in both the LumiLor and LumiLor Pro Training Videos.
  • Introduction and LumiLor Theory - 0:00
  • LumiLor Stack Diagram - 0:55
  • Unboxing the LumiLor Starter Kit - 2:32
  • Preparing the plexiglass panel and speed tank - 3:05
  • Backplane masking - 4:16
  • Backplane explanation spray gun overview - 6:11
  • Backplane shake, strain, loading spray gun - 7:08
  • Proper spray gun mounting between coats - 7:39
  • Backplane application on panel - 7:51
  • Backplane application on speed tank - 8:44
  • Resistance check with multimeter - 9:13
  • Backplane unmasking and sanding tape edges - 9:37
  • Dielectric explanation - 10:14
  • Backplane masking the connection site - 10:49
  • Dielectric shake, strain, loading the spray gun - 11:23
  • Dielectric application on panel - 11:59
  • Dielectric application on speed tank -13:20
  • LumiColor explanation - 13:47
  • LumiColor shake, strain, loading spray gun - 14:12
  • LumiColor application on panel and speed tank - 14:48
  • Busbar explanation - 15:57
  • Busbar masking the panel - 16:32
  • Busbar masking the speed tank - 17:49
  • Busbar application on panel and speed tank - 18:13
  • Resistance check with multimeter - 18:48
  • Busbar unmasking and wiring overview - 19:51
  • Backplane spade connectors preparation - 20:07
  • Spade connectors and connection test - 20:48
  • Spade connectors mounted with J-B KwikWeld - 22:00
  • Backplane application with panel connectors - 22:40
  • Male connector application on speed tank 22:57
  • Backplane application on speed tank connectors - 23:32
  • Masking connection site and connect the inverter - 23:50
  • Conductive To Coat (CTC) explanation - 24:47
  • Conductive To Coat (CTC) shake, strain, loading spray gun - 24:49
  • Conductive To Coat (CTC) application to panel and speed tank - 25:21
  • Encapsulating Clear Coat explanation - 26:18
  • Encapsulating Clear Coat application - 26:43
  • LumiLor encapsulation - 27:23
  • Black out and Final Clear explanation - 27:44
  • Black out preparation of panel and speed tank - 27:54
  • J-B KwikWeld application - 28:14
  • Masking of the illuminated area - 28:56
  • Blackout application and unmasking - 29:43
  • Final Clear Coat application - 30:18
LumiLor Basic Training Video
LumiLor Pro Basic Training Video
Your LumiLor dealer can provide direct support for you with your LumiLor Starter Kit and any other LumiLor projects you are working on. Contact them directly for help with design, application, or post application support.
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Video: Overview of recommended disposable cup system