Connectors; Final Step

Connector Application - Final Step
After Encapsulating Clear has dried to manufacturer guidelines, the connection site will be COMPLETELY covered with J-B KwikWeld to protect the site and the wires from being disconnected from the substrate and from being mishandled or from strain over time.
  • Sand/scuff the fully dried encapsulating clear coat over the connection site to allow for proper adhesion of J-B KwikWeld
  • Tape off the area outside the connection site with at least ? inch to the outside of the area where the two connectors are connected making a box around the site where the wires are connected to the busbar and backplane.
  • Apply a layer of J-B KwikWeld over the connectors and the previous layer of J-B KwikWeld.  Make sure the ENTIRE area is covered and the J-B KwikWeld extends to the edge of the tape.
  • Once area is covered with JB Weld, remove the masking tape.  Do not wait until the JB Weld is completely dry to remove the tape as this will cause the tape to be trapped under the JB Weld
  • Suggested dry time for the J-B KwikWeld is 10 minutes.
  • Final application will look similar to this
Connectors Visual Reference Guide
Proper connection sites with proper masking shown for all layers, proper use of backplane and proper J-B KwikWeld tabs. This image is after encapsulating clear; final J-B KwikWeld can now be applied.