Best Practices for Applying LumiLor

Keys To Success
  • Work with your LumiLor dealer for support before you need it.
  • Always start with the LumiLor Starter Kit before moving on to a project.
  • Use only genuine LumiLor materials.
  • Know the differences between LumiLor and LumiLor Pro if you will be applying both.
  • Watch LumiLor Basic Training Video and How To LumiLor videos before starting.
  • Never add any solvents, thinners, or other materials to LumiLor.  
  • Use the LumiLor Calculator to assist with busbar sizing.
  • Pay attention to design; it’s an important part of Lumilor success. Plan your complete design before beginning LumiLor application
  • Document your process at each step - images, videos, notes etc.  
  • Follow LumiLor on YouTube for new ‘How To LumiLor’ videos.

Video: Importance of Following the Training Process

Video: How to Document Your Work to Improve Your Skills

Steps of the Standard LumiLor Application Process
  • Test and prepare substrate
  • Design
    • area to be illuminated
    • area to apply proper busbar
    • connection areas
  • Substrate masking
  • Backplane masking
  • Backplane application and testing
  • Dielectric application
  • LumiColor application
  • Busbar masking
  • Busbar application and testing
  • Connector application
  • Conductive Top Coat application
  • Encapsulating clear application